President's Message

Michelle Campbell, President and CEO

Michelle Campbell

In 1869, the Sisters of St. Joseph opened an orphanage to help the sick, the infirm, the destitute and the forsaken. That orphanage was named Mount Hope. From the seeds of faith and charity planted by the Sisters grew the organization we know today as St. Joseph's Health Care London.

It took a community to build St. Joseph's and it will take a community to sustain it. So many of the programs and medical services that patients and residents rely on would not have been possible without donor support. 

It's truly a privilege to work with some of the most gifted and compassionate caregivers and researchers in the world. These are people who devote their life's work to tackling some of the biggest health challenges Canadians face today. 

Established in 2004, as a result of the merger of Parkwood Hospital Foundation and St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation, we are governed by an 18-member board of directors that is representative of our communities.

We are a part of a growing number of Canadian charities accredited nationally with the standards of Imagine Canada’s Standards Program. This code holds the foundation to a higher standard on fundraising and financial reporting practices, and is a mark of our commitment to that ethical standard. Our foundation was one of the very first in Canada to attain this mark of distinction.

Today, our focus continues on supporting the important work undertaken each day across the sites of St. Joseph’s Health Care London.